The 3 Ds: Delay, Distract, Decide

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The 3 Ds: Delay, Distract, Decide

The 3 Ds:  Delay, Distract, Decide

Use this form to help you deal with cravings for any unhealthy and/or addictive habit.

Complete the form, then read and review it each time you get a craving.



Delay the decision to give in to the craving for a set time – 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

The craving will pass!

I will delay for                                                        (write down number of minutes)




Do something that will occupy your thoughts and grab your attention.  Perhaps do something physical to use the energy of the craving.

Things you could do, and how long you will do them for:







After the set time, decide not to do whatever the craving wants you to do (the unhealthy or addictive habit you want to stop doing).  Remind yourself of all the…

Advantages of not doing it:

Disadvantages of doing it:

Reasons I want to stop:

My life goals:

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