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6 Powerful Tips to a Better Sleep

Many people are having difficulties falling asleep at night. Instead of sleeping and dreaming they roll around in their beds trying to fall asleep. The result usually is people not rested enough in the morning and tired all day. This results in stress and less performance on the job or at home. We have developed a list of 6 powerful tips that have helped us to achieve better sleep.

1) Room temperature: Keeping the temperature in your bedroom at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below is recommended. Too often an overheated bedroom is causing sleep problems. Scientific studies show that the body can better relax with temperatures at 70 degrees or slightly below.

2) Reduce caffeine. A recent study showed that caffeine is not metabolised efficiently and fast enough at night. The effects of caffeine last much longer than most people expect. The result is difficulty falling asleep. Studies have shown better sleeping patterns if no more caffeine is consumed after 6.00 PM.

3) Avoid alcohol. Alcohol will keep the body from reaching the deeper stages of sleep, where the body does most of its healing and resting. The result of drinking can be a very light sleep or difficulty falling asleep in general.

4) Beds are for sleeping. If you are used to watching TV in bed or even work while being in bed, you may find it much harder to relax and to fall asleep. Remove the TV and do not work in bed. Sleep requires your brain to slowly shut down and any distraction will cause sleeping problems.

5) Go to bed at around the same time every day. Don’t change your bedtime back and forth. Having a certain schedule developed it will be easier to fall asleep pretty much at the same time every day. A recurring schedule will help your body to get into a sleep pattern and make it easier to fall asleep.

6) Remove the alarm clock from your view. Starring at the time will only create the feeling that you have to sleep, but you are not. These worries will make things even worse. Losing the feeling for time by not seeing the actual clock and how long you have been awake has shown to improve healthy sleep.


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All Natural Sleep Aid Supplements Reviewed: How Well Do They Work?

Sleep Aids Reviewed- In-depth Reviews of Sleeping Pills / Sleep Aid supplements

Looking for the right sleep aid to overcome your insomnia? You’ve come to the right place. Featured here are in-depth reviews of hundreds of sleep aid medications and sleep supplements to help you find the right product for your specific sleep problem.

We’ve identified an extensive range of sleeping pills available in the market from numerous manufacturers with different medications suitable for different people. We are quite confident that you will find a medication that suits your particular condition.

To make it easy for you to choose the sleep aid, we’ve ensured that review of each medication/supplement covers details of the ingredients of the product, an assessment of the product’s composition, the benefits and effects (including negative or side effects), information about any clinical research to justify the claims of the sleep aid manufacturer and equally importantly, price. After all, we want to be sure you are not losing sleep over the money you spend on your sleeping pills! Moreover, wherever possible, we have also tried to present you with you comments from consumers of these sleeping pills elsewhere on their own experiences in overcoming their sleep problems with specific medications.

How to choose a sleeping pill/sleep supplement?

That’s what we hope the reviews below will help you do! Each of the products below has proven to counter sleep disorders; many of them are good enough to tackle chronic insomnia.

Before you order a particular sleep aid, consider the following key aspects:

What is your specific problem and how serious and persistent is it? For example, are you suffering from chronic insomnia or a temporary sleep disorder?
Do you have any known allergies to the ingredients of the drug?
What does the drug actually do to your body ie. how does it work?
Is the sleep drug suited to any specific conditions that you may be undergoing, say, for example, pregnancy or nursing?
Is the sleep aid compatible with any other medications you may be taking?
What is the recommended dosage and duration you will be required to take the capsules? Note that both dosage and duration have an impact on cost and as well the possibility of other side effects.
Is the manufacturer reliable and proven? After all, you don’t want to lose any more sleep than you already are!

Last but not the least, how hard is it going to hit the wallet? You obviously don’t want to risk it with cheap sleeping pills that may well be spurious, but at the same time, you want to ensure that the pills are truly delivering the quantity and quality of sleep that your body and mind require, without any side effects.

So, here’s wishing that your sleep problems are overcome with any of the sleep aids mentioned below. Read the reviews carefully, consider the above criteria and go ahead and purchase the right product that best addresses your sleep needs!

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Massage Therapy can Help you get Better Sleep

Modern times give people everything. It provides the convenience, instant solutions and instant results among so many others. But, amidst all the advantages it offers to people, it also brings a lot of stress that hinders them from getting better sleep.

Studies show that the most common cause of today’s health problems lacks of sleep that can be caused by too much stress. Aside from improper diet, and unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged periods of stress subconsciously affect many systems of the human body, lack of sleep may lead to possible health problems such as gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease, memory loss, and decreased immune function.

One of the most popular stress-reduction techniques being practice nowadays is massage therapy apart from using stress-relieving tablets and capsules. By definition, massage therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues that include muscle, skin, tendons, and associated fascia, ligaments. Massage therapy also concentrates on treating joint capsules in the body. Apart from decreasing muscular tension and increasing the removal of metabolic waste, massage therapy also promotes nutrient delivery to healing tissue caused by extended periods of stress and will eventually help a person to get better sleep.

The wonders of massage therapy

Indeed, massage therapy has become a significant part of general health care for many people living in today is a stressful world. Numerous professionals and even traditional healthcare systems around the globe recognise that massage therapy can play an essential role in treating chronic ailments can and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being since it dramatically helps people get better sleep.

Considered as the modern antidote for stress, massage therapy helps combat stress by trying to reduce the tension build up in the muscles. Aside from boosting the body is immune system, massage therapy prevents the decrease in circulation and nutrient delivery to tissues. Known as one of the ultimate ìstress reducers,î more professionals are advising their patients to include massage therapy in their health care treatment plans.

People, especially those who live by the rule of stress and don’t have enough sleep, find massage therapy very helpful in so many ways. Among the extensive benefits of massage therapy, most people consider the therapeutic effect of the treatment on their bodies. Since massage therapy causes diverse physiological effects due to the therapistís hands moving over the body, its therapeutic effect is proven to improve health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and immune systems.

Aside from aiming to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment physical function, massage therapy also relieves or prevents physical dysfunction and pain. Massage therapy also relaxes tight and tense muscles while improving circulation, recovery time, and immune system function, which reduce overall stress. And with the continuing research on the beneficial effects of massage therapy, its effectivity was also discovered in controlling chronic or acute pain.

Concentrated in creating different movements that can physically stretch muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, massage therapy also encourages the circulation through the tissue, inhibit muscular spasms, and be either sedating or stimulating to the nervous system.

But, far from the common conception, elementary knowledge of massage therapy is not enough for ordinary individuals to practice it. Being a regulated health profession, massage therapy requires professionals who have completed hours of education at accredited schools and have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, assessment, bodywork techniques, and pathology to know when massage therapy is or is not suitable.

With the array benefits, massage therapy offers to people especially in stress reduction and in helping them get better sleepóit is no wonder that an extensive patronage of it will increase energy and will improve people’s outlook on life.

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How Sick People get Better Sleep

When one is sick, everything is hard. From eating to sleeping, the illness really affects the overall function of the person. But since these two, especially sleeping is a must, one should think of ways to get better sleep even if he or she is sick.

The primary consideration, in this case, is the severity of the condition. If you are sick due to fever, certain medications should be taken in before bedtime. But if you are undergoing a terminal illness, it is best to seek the help of doctors on how you can sleep better.

Tips for a good sleep despite sickness

The best set up for people who are sick but who wants to get better sleep is to have somebody to help him or her with her needs. This is very ideal since the ill person doesn’t have to worry over things anymore. Having somebody to do the things that are you supposed to do is perfect since worrying aggravates the condition of a person who is sick. Other tips for sick people to get better sleep include:

1. If you can, try staying awake during the daytime.

Although people that are sick would crave sleeping almost all the time, this may not be the best because it means lesser sleep at night. Remember that sleeping at night is very crucial since it has more extended hours compared to daytime. If you can try to stay awake at daytime, it would be best so you would not disrupt your sleeping cycle.

2. Try to insert exercise during the daytime.

It may sound absurd to ask a sick person to exercise, but in reality, the right amount of physical activity may help them to get better. Studies show that people who are sick have higher chances of getting better sleep at night if they do some simple exercises during the day because their bodies will be somehow “tired” and will “crave” for rest at night time.

3. Ensure that the temperature is at comfortable levels.

If you are a person who is not used to hot rooms, then it would be ideal to keep your bedroom on the cold side of it. Studies show that people who are sick have better chances of sleeping well if their room has mid-to-high 60’s Fahrenheit.

4. Eliminate unnecessary noises.

It is best to keep the place of a sick person as quiet as possible, so his or her sleep is not disrupted. Experts say that people who are sick have higher chances of getting better if they can rest well. So, to ensure that the person who is ill will have a peaceful sleep, noises should be eliminated. If it is not possible to eliminate these, try other methods of minimising them such as putting soft earplugs to the ears of the person or using a white noise machine.

5. Just the right amount of light.

To get better sleep, people who are sick must try to sleep in a room that it either dark or with minimal amount of lights. Why? Because this setting will not only help them get better sleep but can also help them to relax and get well quickly. You can keep the room dark by drawing the shades or pulling the curtains down. If you are not the type of person who is not used to totally dark room, try turning on the lamp shade so there will be enough light to get you by.

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How Music helps you get Better Sleep

Music has been proven to improve a person’s life. For some, it is an outlet for their creative side. For others, it serves as a medium to express themselves. To some people, it serves as a source of their inspiration and hopes while for others, music helps as their ultimate relaxing treat. But for people who battle out things just for them to get better sleep, music definitely is their best option.

People who are having problems to get better sleep are finding ways to get that most-coveted “treat”. Some try exercises while others resort to other alternative means such music. Why? because the music itself can lull them into a deep slumber when appropriately chosen.

The power of music

To be able to avoid the distraction brought by this pure sound, people who are having a hard time sleeping have found a way to fight it off using music. Of all the so many kinds of music out there, people especially those who are just beginning and are having a hard time choosing which one would suit the practice.

If you are one of those who would want to use music as a tool to get better sleep, here are some guidelines for choosing the music that may help you achieve that purpose:

  • Make sure that it doesn’t have lyrics. In selecting music that will help you get better sleep, it is always best to pick one that has no words because it can only distract your concentration. If you find everyday rhythm boring, try to play something that has lyrics that your don’t understand so you don’t have to think what the song is saying. Aside from distracting your thoughts through the words you know, music with lyrics will also encourage you to sing along which will totally shatter your concentration.
  • Relaxing music with soft rhythm is always advisable. For starters, this type of music will do you good because it will help you clear your mind and focus on something. But, if want something better, you can choose music that have faster rhythm and beats or anything that your genuinely enjoy because this can no longer distract you.

Do some experiments. Although soft and relaxing music is always advisable, try to play other types of music. Who knows? You might find a better concentration if you play something that you genuinely enjoy.

Try pure and soothing music is sure to focus your attention. If you don’t have the luxury of time to experiment on types of music to be played during meditation, then try surefire hits, which are pure and soothing music. Some of these may include classical sounds, sounds from the nature such as clapping of thunder, sounds of big waves, sounds of insects, and the wind. Other alternative options may also include simple instruments including Tibetan singing bowl, flute, sitar, and tamboura which are known to have meditative inducing qualities.

When choosing music that may help you get better sleep, it is essential to keep in mind that the type you should play must induce you to deep concentration and into a deep sleep. You can download the music that you like from various sites on the Internet and burn in a CD. But if you burn have a portable MP3 player, it is best to upload the music there so you can listen to it anytime you to sleep.

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How Foods affect you to get Better Sleep

People who are busy with their work are usually the ones who are having problems in sleeping. This is because of the exhaustion and their hectic schedule keep them from getting better sleep on a daily basis. If you are one of those who are having trouble sleeping due to too much work, it is now time to reflect what might be causing these and address it appropriately.

One of the things that hinder people from getting better sleep is the set of foods that they eat. This is because these foods might contain ingredients and other properties that can really affect the person’s chemical balance. If you think that the foods that you are eating affect you in getting better sleep, try assessing your food intake for one day.

What you can do is list down all the foods including the drinks that you have taken in for one day and made an assessment after that day. In this way, you can track down which are the foods and drinks you have taken affect your sleeping habits, especially at night. The following are just some of the list of foods that might lead one to troublesome and uncomfortable sleeping at night time:

1. Too much food intake.

This is considered as the primary culprit why many people especially those who don’t have sleeping problems beforeóare having a hard time sleeping all of a sudden. Experts say that if a person has overeaten, the tendency is that the stomach will have a hard time digesting it. Too much food may also affect how the digestive system work and may even cause clinical conditions such as ulcer if done regularly.

2. Foods that contain too much fat.

Experts say that people are eating foods that have too much fat are prone to not sleeping well at night because it creates a lot of digesting work for the stomach. If one wants to get better sleep, he or she should cut down on foods that are too rich or fatty, so there will be lesser work for the stomach especially at night-time.

3. Too much spicy or acidic foods.

These sets of foods can very much affect one’s sleeping habits, especially at bedtime. If one eats too many games of spicy foods especially at night, it can lead to troubles in the stomach and even heartburn which makes it harder for you to lie down and get better sleep at night.

4. Too much alcohol intake.

Some people say that alcohol may help one to get better sleep, but on the contrary, it doesn’t especially if he or she has taken too much of it.

5. Foods that contain caffeine.

These are another set of culprits for people who are having trouble sleeping. If you are prone to not sleeping, it is best to avoid foods as well as drinks that have high caffeine content such as coffee, chocolates, sodas that are caffeinated as well as teas. To get better sleep, it is best not to consume these for a while. Or if you really cannot do without these, try minimising your consumption even for a couple of days. Once you get your sleeping pattern back, you may go back to consuming these but only to limited content so you would not go back to having sleeping problems again.

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How can Health Drinks help you get Better Sleep

Nowadays, more and more experts agree that taking vitamins and mineral supplements in liquid form can be quite useful in achieving optimum health. This is because, in this form, the body can absorb the nutrients it needs efficiently. For this reason alone why many companies decided to come with health drinks in liquid form such as those in juices while others come up with powder form which should be consumed along with the liquid. And also for this reason why more and more people who are having trouble to get better sleep are hooked into these drinks.

Experts agree that people, these days, are fortunate because there are continuous research and science experiment that aim to provide healthier and better tasting health drinks. In fact, health drinks come with variations of fruits, vegetables, enzyme grains, nuts, seeds, and other herbs to make them more appetising and also contain ingredients that can help people get better sleep.

Other benefits of health drinks

These days, health drinks are reported to react differently to people who are using them. These also act depending on the purpose of the person using it. Experts say that the health drinks available in the market today can be categorised depending on the need of the consumers. There are those that are made just to deliver essential mineral and vitamins in the body. And, there are also those that are aimed towards increasing energy levels or increasing the muscle reaction to specific activities.

No matter which one you choose, rest assured that you can benefit from it once used in moderation. Aside from delivering essential vitamins and minerals and increasing energy that helps a person get better sleep, the following are other benefits of health drinks:

It satisfies the hunger and gives a sense of fullness. In a fast-paced, busy environment people are living in today, it is a must to have a source of energy at all times. One of the reasons why more and more people are into health drinks is to make up for the lost vitamins and minerals when they need to skip a meal due to a busy schedule.

  • It improves overall health. Since most health drinks are packed with vitamins and minerals, it can help you fight off common diseases by consuming it regularly.
  •  It helps enhance mental stability. The nutrients in most health drinks are aimed to produce oxygen that keeps the blood vessels clear. Once a person takes in these nutrients regularly, it can help them have greater focus on the things that they do either at work or at home.

Although many health drinks are available in the market today, not all of these can give you the nutrients that you need. Before you buy or consume a health drink, try to ask your doctor first which are the ones he or she can recommend that would best suit your needs. If you prefer to buy on your own, make sure that these do not contain ingredients that can be harmful to you such as phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours and sweeteners, synthetic dyes and colouring, processed vitamins, and modified food starches.

Make sure that the health drink that you are about to consume is not liquefied or pasteurised, have live enzymes from chlorophyll to aid better absorption. It should also have natural antioxidants that can help combat free radicals and are made with whole food ingredients to be safe and will not cause any problems for you to get better sleep.

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How can Aromatherapy Help you get Better Sleep

With the trend of going back to the natural and to the basics, aromatherapy is becoming a popular alternative in the world of total wellness and health. In fact, more and more people are using it to get better sleep which they think is the best way to regain one’s strength so he or she can do all the things that need to be done.

Aromatherapy is believed to have therapeutic properties that can heal a person’s illness or relax him or her. Today, aromatherapy is not only used for healing processes but is also used to help a person get better sleep since it is practised in a very soothing way.

To achieve the health benefits of aromatherapy not only on how to get better sleep specifically essential oil so one should gain all the knowledge and experience that you can get. It is best to read references of aromatherapy from various books, magazines, and even online sites that offer free aromatherapy information.

To gain experience, one can also enrol in an aromatherapy crash course class that is near your place. Here, they can teach you the basics of conducting an aromatherapy procedure as well as almost all the information that one needs to know about aromatherapy. For people with hectic schedules and donít have time to attend a class physically, they can enroll in various online sites that offer aromatherapy classes.

Using aromatherapy

Before anything else, make sure that you have supplies for aromatherapy such as items that will be used for measuring items such as cups and spoons, means of transferring liquids such as funnels with different sizes, containers for mixing elements and for proper storage such as bottles or vials, labeling items like stickers, lots of paper towels and alcohol to clean the area afterwards. After preparing the necessary supplies, you may start with your homemade aromatherapy. The following are just some of the aromatherapy products that you can do inside the confines of your abode.

1. Aromatherapy massage or body oil. All you need is to combine 50 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice together with 4 ounces of vegetable oil.

2. Aromatherapy compress. This is considered as one of the most comfortable aromatherapy products out there. All you need is to add at least 5 drops of essential oil to a cold or hot cup of water and dip a soft cloth on the mixture.

3. Aromatherapy foot or hand bath. What you need is to add 10 drops of chosen essential oil to a part of cold or hot water in a medium-sized basin. Using your hand or a stirring rod, stir the essential oil evenly to blend well with the water.

Getting better sleep using aromatherapy

To get better sleep, one must also know which are the essential oils that can bring about positive changes in a person’s body. Some plant derivations of essential oils and their potential benefits such as geranium for relieving stress-related conditions like tensions, nervous breakdown, and skin illnesses like eczema or hard-to-heal wounds; jasmine for arousing sensuality, relaxation, and in treating several skin conditions; eucalyptus for relieving muscle pains and aches as well as in to alleviate respiratory system conditions especially poor breathing; frankincense to aid lung conditions, urinary problems, irregular menstruation, and relieving pains in skin disorders like acne and excessive burns; lavender for helping improve the function of the respiratory system and alleviate stress-related conditions such as insomnia, depression, and mental fatigue; and peppermint to aid respiratory problems specifically asthma as well as mental fatigues that lead to fainting and extreme headaches.

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Helping Teenagers to get Better Sleep

With so many gadgets to play with and use and with so many parties to attend who would want to sleep? With so many distractions today, people especially the younger ones or the teenagers are having a hard time to get better sleep. This should not be a problem, but it goes to show how poor the quality of young people is today. Many of them do not perform well in school because they rarely get sleep due to all these distractions.

If you are one of those parents, who are having problems that their teeners are not getting the right amount of sleep that they should have, here are some tips that you can share to them.

1. Ask them to cut out on too many caffeine intakes.

If you are doing the grocery, then you should be the one who has taken out of the list the foods and drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolates, sodas and teas. But since you cannot monitor their routines outside your home, it is a must to remind them to cut out on these foods and drinks. You can do this by telling them the bad effects of caffeine not only in sleeping but in their overall health as well.

2. Tell them not to resort to alcohol as a “sleeping aid”.

Many adults resort to alcohol to sleep fast. Since their bodies are much older, they can tolerate the effects of alcohol, but this should not be the case among the younger ones. If you are a parent, try to tell your child that although alcohol may help him or her to fall asleep, it may cause disturbances that may lead to lesser quality of sleep. Aside from not really helping them to get better sleep, it may also affect their overall health and physical appearance since alcohol may cause early ageing.

3. Teach them how to relax before their bedtime.

Although this is much easier to do when they are toddler, parents should still try to teach their youngsters how to relax a bit when they are about to go to sleep. You can do this by spending time with the teenager and talk about how he or she should handle the everyday stress either in school or in growing up. If the child can talk about these things before bedtime, he or she will have a peaceful sleep without thinking of so many things. You can also ask her or him to do relaxing activities such as reading a book or practising yoga if you are not around to talk to.

4. Ask them to have regular exercise.

If regular exercise helps older people to get better sleep at night, what more to the younger ones? Explain to your child the importance of having just the right amount of exercise in getting better sleep and achieving optimum health. To make it more effective, join your teenager in doing regular exercises such as light jogging or brisk walking. If he or she sees that you are “walking your talk” there are greater chances for him or her to obey you.

5. Give enough hours for television or for the Internet.

For a teenager to get better sleep, there should be fewer hours for him or her to spend watching TV programs or browsing the Internet. Since these two are significant distractions, it is a must that parents restrict them with too much time on these activities so can sleep better at night.

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Get better Sleep the natural way

Some people are indeed born to have a hard time to get better sleep. While there are those, who were able to develop this problem because of unhealthy practice. Either way, the question still lies that one is having a hard time lulling into that good slumber.

The best way to go about it is that first, one needs to address the problem of sleeping. These include knowing the reasons why that person has a hard time sleeping. The focus areas should consist of the personal issues, status at work, health conditions, and sleeping environment.

1. Personal matters.

This may include stress factors that affect the overall emotional state of a person. If one if stressed by personal issues, it will be harder for him or her to get better sleep because that person is overthinking. If it’s possible to address these problems and problems immediately, it would really help a person to get better sleep. If not, one should seek help from professionals so he or she can cope with the issues and will have better chance of getting sleep at night.

2. Status at work.

Studies show that more and more people are having a hard time sleeping because of their situation in employment. With the overall global crisis that the world experiences now, it is only standard for people to worry about their security. If you think that this is one factor that won’t let you get better sleep at night, then now is the right time to face it and be prepared for the worse. If you are made that no matter what happens, you will still have your job or you are confident that you can easily find one, then you will have peace of mind and will lead you to sleep better at night.

3. Health conditions.

Some people can develop sleeping disorders without them knowing. These sleeping disorders are usually caused and triggered by so many factors. If you have a hard time sleeping and you think that the reasons are something that you can no longer control, then it is best to seek professional help.

4. Sleeping environment.

This is also among the things that affect the overall sleeping state of a person. If you have a bad sleeping environment, then the tendency of your body is to resist sleeping.

The natural way

In the market today, there are so many products and even medication that promise to help one get better sleep. But, these artificial substitutes may have a side effect. To avoid further complications, it is best to try sleeping techniques the natural way. Some may include routines that will only help you get better sleep but help improve your overall health as well.

The first thing that you could do is to develop and practice good sleep hygiene. These include eating the right foods that can help you sleep better and avoid those that affect sleeping patterns. It also includes having regular exercise and avoiding napping in the afternoon so you will sleep well at night. You may also want to develop a routine that will help you sleep better such as doing relaxing activities before your bedtime such as taking a warm bath, reading, or writing in your personal journal.

To get better sleep, you can also try soundproofing your room to avoid unnecessary noises, adjusting the lights so you will be more comfortable, getting into a comfortable sleeping position and practising deep breathing to relax your senses.