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Mens Mental Health

Today we’re looking into Mens Mental Health & depression, anxiety, stress and psychological problems ..

A lot of men out there need to come to terms with the fact that we’ve got psychological problems with stress and anxiety and depression and in a lot of men it shows very strongly but it also shows in women, boys and girls,  elderly people etc and a lot of the issues are relevant to all genres.

Personally I’ve suffered depression, anxiety and stress and for me it’s been the way that my life’s gone – relationships with people problems, employment problems, Learning new skills moving from one work environment to another and forming new relationships with people. I always seem to overthink things that don’t matter and make myself ill worrying.

That’s how the brain works because it’s all down to the electrochemical information being passed around the brain.

We live in a society which is far too complex for the way that the human brain is designed to cope because only a few hundred years ago we were actually living out there bartering with sheep and cows and we were living in an environment which was much simpler and less.

It was less stressful because it was all about survival and we got loads of exercise and ate healthier food. Now we’ve been cast over a few hundred years into a situation where we live in a high-tech environment with high tech jobs. Employment situations can change from week to week sometimes never knowing where your next penny’s coming from.

The financial issues of modern life and raising children and trying to pay for the things for children’s schooling and maybe illnesses – all these insane stressful things constantly every day overloads the brain and sometimes your brain says ‘No I’m not working anymore‘.

mens mental healthThe brain is like a computer so it says no I’m not doing this anymore!

What it does is it slows itself down, it casts itself off and then suddenly the brain is not working and functioning as efficiently as it should do so you find yourself in a situation where you just can’t cope, your brain is not coping because that network of chemical information tries to stop itself from overloading. Its interfered with and then you become confused and you may rush decisions, you spit your dummy out, you lose your temper and you don’t get on with people.

You become antisocial because the social environments around you aren’t adapt to you.

It’s not you not being adapt to the social environment because you were never designed to be, it’s the social environment around you not adapting to you and not allowing you to do what you need to do at your own pace so that your brain can function and your brain can process the information that’s happening.

The biggest thing that people need to understand when suffering with depression, anxiety or stress is that it’s not you! It’s society that’s to blame because it’s moving too fast. 

You need to think to yourself – I’ve got to sit back and I’ve got to observe things around me and I’ve got to categorise things and I’ve got to work out what’s important and what’s not.

Your family’s important and you need to make time for them.

Financial issues can be a massive part of mental health issues, but whether it’s work or dealing with your car braking down – Try and put them on the back burner while you get your brain back in order. This is what I was doing wrong.

I was worried about finances, I worried about what people were thinking about me. By not addressing the issue’s at a base level you can’t go out and fix the bigger problem so you’ve got to say okay okay I’m suffering this issue and everything’s getting me down.

You have to step back and find an environment where you feel comfortable.

Remind yourself that you’re not to blame! Your wife or your husband are not to blame! Your kids are not to blame! We live in a blame society and when you can’t cope your branded! You can force yourself to adapt to a situation but doing that over an extended period of time can be very very difficult so my advice to anybody out there suffering with depression and anxiety is think about yourself, take a step back and relax.

Depression and anxiety are two different things –  depression is somebody falling into a low mood and wanting to cut themselves off and isolate like an island. Stress and anxiety is when your sort of hyper and you’re trying to cope with things.

Whatever the situation is step back, learn about yourself and give yourself time to be able to adapt. Defragment your brain and work out what’s important to you and then slowly over a period of time attempt to mend things and build up that Network again in order to be able to put yourself back on track again.

Well that’s just my advice and it worked for me. I’ve got a great relationship, I started a new job and everything’s wonderful!

Is it going to last long term? maybe not! I don’t know!

We never know when that network in the brain might get overloaded again but at least now from experience I know how to take that information and to bring it forward to a situation where I can now understand where I was and what I need to do. I understand the mechanisms of psychological repair.

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