Self Esteem

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Self Esteem

Constant praise of your children when they perform well has a good effect because it infuses them with a sense of confidence and pride; however, be careful not to over do it. The way you relate with your children is important because it determines how well a child will eventually handle things in life; an intimate relationship encourages honesty and mutual respect which will aid the child mature properly where as a cold distant relationship may be harmful to the child is the mentality. Strive to help your kid think good things about himself/herself because thinking the opposite will diminish their self worth and make them feel useless.

If your child is intellectually impaired, getting to know all about his/her condition is a way to help you cope. Help your child heal or have high esteem in spite of his/her condition. The thing you must never do is to shield your children from the realities of life because then, you’ll be doing more harm than good. the slightest challenge can crush them instead of strengthening them.

Enrolling your kids in a summer camp program that stresses on self-esteem and confidence are one way of fostering a feeling of self-worthiness in them. Having a teenager can be a challenging experience, especially if you have not prepared him/her to face certain hurdles unflinchingly a good foundation in self-esteem can reduce a lot of your fears and anxieties about your teenager.|The main objective of developing your child’s self-esteem is to help him/her persist in life in spite of obstacles and succeed.

Self-esteem is not hereditary nor is it a natural endowment; it is a human characteristic that must be built with dogged determination and a strong will both on the part of the parent and on the part of the child. The the essence of self-esteem is to be optimistic in every venture because optimism takes stock of both strengths and weakness focuses on the strengths and sees success at every turn that is one hell of a gift to give to your child.

The calibre of people around you can determine how far you can go in life; people who bruise and batter your ego at every turn can turn you into a whimpering helpless human being so try and draw people who have high levels of self-esteem around you. The absence of self-esteem in a person comes with a painful ignorance of the persons potentialities or abilities; what you know about yourself can determine your success or your failure. Being the butt of jokes and teasing all the time can damage a child’s feeling of self-worth; as a parent, you should be careful to keep teasing or jokes light and down to a bare minimum and teach the child to disregard the jokes of other kids in his/her school.

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