Self Esteem 9

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Self Esteem 9

Expecting your spouse to be perfect is terribly unrealistic and can cause you to become unhappy when certain expectations are not met, you aren’t perfect, so don’t expect perfection from your spouse; be aware of his/her limits and work towards bringing out the best instead. This can make you feel good about you. Undue criticisms of your partners or spouses habits or actions can create a strain on the relationship; gentle reproofs can stroke the ego well enough to cause a high self-esteem in spite of weaknesses. When you are in the process of strengthening certain weakness, you should be specific about what you want to change and how you want to change them as this can help you embark on your plan with focus and enthusiasm.

To keep that feeling of self worth, you can go out each night with friends to talk about your achievements of the week; these little exercises can make you feel good about yourself because it focuses on your victories not your losses. Watching a motivational show or movie can rev up your engine and have you raring to go; these movies are psychologically inclined and are designed to boost your self-esteem.

You can access information about how to enhance your self-image by browsing the internet where there is a whole world of information about self-esteem and its advantages. Experience can impact on your self-esteem; if you have had bad experience then chances are, your ego may have received a severe blow; you can still be confident, however, in spite of your experiences just be determined to succeed no matter what you have been through. Our attitudes are factors that determine how much confidence we have in our lives; how you respond to a particular situation matters and can have you feeling good or bad.

Psychologists are propounding the assumption that self-esteem is a product of the environment; to a large extent, this is true, but, your mind also plays a major role in how you feel about yourself. When you are feeling blue, a cozy afternoon or evening spent watching your favorite television show or movie can do wonders for you and has the ability to make you feel better.

You can help your child feel special if you let him/her voice out his side of an incident before passing judgment. It is crucial to your self-esteem, if you will join a group that shares your opinions and visions so that your self-esteem will not take a hard beating from people who don’t. Making a decision and doing nothing about it erodes your feelings of self-worth quickly because you subconsciously despise yourself for your inability to take action; so, take action to make your decision and actuality.

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