Self Esteem 8

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Self Esteem 8

While it is good to constantly assess yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, it could also backfire and cause you to overly criticize yourself. Strike a balance by accepting your weaknesses and revealing in your strengths. Helping other people find their way in life can help you feel good about yourself because you may discover more pleasant things about yourself in process. Set realistic goals for yourself that you know you are capable of achieving; any unrealistic goal tends to get you down in the dumps much faster than anything else.

No matter how hard people try to push you up to achieve a particular dream, they can only go as far as you let them a high self-esteem allows you to exceed your limitations and live your dreams. Praising your partners efforts in a marriage can have a stabilizing effect on your marriage because he/she feels needed and loved and eventually gives back what is felt.

Making a list about your strengths can help you evaluate your areas of weaknesses and devise new ways to improve on them. It enhances the way you think and feel about yourself. Make a game out of self-esteem exercises with your children; things are more easily recalled when they are fun and exciting to remember. The key to living a truly successful life full of zeal and self-assurance is to enjoy where you are on the way to where you want to be.

Each human being has a low and high period in times of depression or low self-worth, do something you love it will help you feel good again. What do you see when you look into the mirror? If you don’t like what you see, change it by telling yourself what you see is just fantastic.

Exercise has been known to increase feelings of self-worth in people so hit the gym the next time you are feeling low. Attempting to change all your weaknesses at a go can prove demoralizing instead, start on the little ones and progress to the big ones; you will achieve more this way.|Your philosophy, if you are ready to make it in life is to be persistent in spite of all odds; try and try again and even though you don’t get what you want, you build your ability to persevere.

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