Self Esteem 7

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Self Esteem 7

Lack of self-esteem or low self-confidence is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide; it does not discriminate as it affects people developed nations as much as those in underdeveloped nations. You must master the art of blocking negative thoughts if you are to be a person who has a high sense of worth in his/herself; negative thoughts can cause you to believe you are nothing and can sap you of the will to live. Self-affirming words are very powerful and have the effect of making you feel totally invincible; you can come up with self-affirming words that laud your talents and person and say them to yourself each day to boost your morale.

There have been countless stories of people who excelled in spite of their physical limitations or other failures; Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder and lots more. What all these people have in common is the fact that they believe that they are unbeatable. A network of people who are supportive and loving and who constantly affirm their faith in you and your abilities can be of immense help to you; because they help you keep a good self-image in your mind.

In a marital relationship, self-esteem is an important ingredient that helps to hold the union together; consistent display of affection of core can do wonders for a doubtful insecure partner. Do you know that there is power in the simple act of listening; paying close and interested attention to a person speaking to you can heighten their sense of importance? A steady flow of sincere compliments towards your partner can be a tonic for a depressed spirit and low confidence; there is no better machine for low self-esteem than knowing that your partner thinks you are the most wonderful thing that happened since the invention of the internet.

Remembering that all human beings are flawed can help you feel more of a person, especially if you are fixated on being perfect; our imperfections are actually what helps us to become who we truly are. Eating right also triggers off good feeling about yourself because it makes you feel responsible and mature, able to make the right decisions.

Although competition is good because it fosters creativity and enhances productivity, emphasis on competition as a defining factor of who you are can be detrimental to you because you define the competition, it does not define you. You can develop a mantra with your kids help to sink into their subconscious, the fact that they are important; an example of such is; you are the best or something equally strengthening. An optimistic spirit is one that simply focuses on the potential good of every situation; such a person is bound to milk every opportunity that comes along and excels no matter what.

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