Self Esteem 6

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Self Esteem 6

Sometimes as your children grow up into teenagers, they may find it hard to handle rejections for a variety of reasons; in an instance like this, you should be there to encourage your child to help him feel good about themselves. Part of self-esteem lies in the process of discovery; the more a child knows he/she is capable, the more confident they get this pathway to discovery may include controlling your child in a music class or encouraging him to join a football team.  A high level of self-esteem in a child helps him/her to stand up after each fall and that in itself, is the key to sure success.

Knowing who your children’s friends are is important because you can determine if your child will be impacted negatively or positively by them. Nowadays, to evaluate the level of self confidence a person has to psychologist gets him/her to write a test which is capable of determining a person’s level of self worth. You can go to your doctor if you want to know and have the test done.

A self-confident person is one who is able to look away from his/her mistakes after learning from them and moving on this ability distinguishes him/her wherever he/she goes.|People are products of the society and the society is a product of people’s activities; a society with people who are self-assured is one that will definitely thrive parents should bear in mind when bringing up their children. Getting involved in what your children are doing is one way to make them feel that they are important for you and helps them feel confident.

Research shows that self-esteem is better instilled in a child during his childhood because it is his formative stage and he/she is impressionable. Self-esteem has its roots in the way you see yourself; this vision could severely hamper your career, marriage or life if it is not a positive one.

Self-esteem is essential if you want to live a truly successful life because it dispels fears and pumps you up to meet any obstacles life may place in your path.|As a parent, you should let your child know that decision making is also part of being confident; a child’s ability to make sound decisions should be accompanied by the realization that he is going to be responsible for them. This increases his perception of himself in a good way.| As a society, parents, friends, teachers and future spouses all play a vital role in the shaping of a person self-perception about himself or herself; how you see yourself depends largely on how others see you.

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