Self Esteem 5

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Self Esteem 5

The opposite of being confident is to be narcissistic; this is a negative impact of erroneous self-esteem coaching that involved the child becoming obsessed with his qualities to the extent that he/she is self-focused and cannot do much; to avoid this, desist from over-praising your children. Having self-confidence in just the right thing that prepares you to take on any challenge, take it apart and live a peaceful life; self-esteem is not the absence of conflict or troubles, it is the assurance that through them, you will come out a stronger, better, person. A good way of instilling a sense of self-worth in yourself is doing the things you love as a human, you have both strength and weaknesses; focusing on what you are good at ups your confidence levels.

Being self confident is far from being perfect; the danger in thinking that you have to be perfect to be self-confident is realizing and accepting them with a calmness of mind. Taking care of children requires much more than buying food and clothes for them. It entails getting them ready to live their lives with daring and optimism by imparting the gift of self esteem to them.

When you are confident about yourself, that means that you can freely express what you know and believe in without fear because your belief system is ultimately a part of you.|You can help your children with their homework, be a role model in every area of your child life and watch your child take steps to become as self-assured as you are. The disintegration of the family unit can have the devastating effect of demolishing a child’s confidence; if you are in the middle of a divorce, your children are more vulnerable. You should be open about what is going on and constantly re affirm your love and affection for your child.

Spending quality time with your children can help them feel secure and loved; you can bake a batch of cookies in the kitchen with your daughter or have your son go down a trail with you on a bicycle. These activities strengthen the bond between you and your children.|A confident person is one who is willing to take risks because he/she knows that life is not without its risks you should teach your children the need to be fearless in the face of challenges and courageous in the face of risks.

Constructive criticism is a tool that every parent must use when training a child to be confident; it involves drawing a child is attention to wrong doing and instructing the child on the right way to go about things, this will help the child know right from wrong.|Self worth development in the child begins at birth; research shows that babies that are cared for more, do well in their childhood years than those who are not. The role of a parent in developing a child is self-esteem cannot be over emphasized; substituting television to teach a child what he/she needs to know is wrong because the child can pick up quite a number of wrong lessons from the television.

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