Self Esteem 4

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Self Esteem 4

Parents should endeavour to pay more attention to a child who may be performing poorly at school as this might be an indication of a lack of or depreciating confident in the child; such attention can help the child straighten things out much faster than if he/she was being ignored.|Children sometimes pick on certain people and model themselves after them because they are in awe of the person’s self-esteem; be sure to know your child’s mentor as this may be the undoing of a child especially if the mentor is an unsavoury character.|Comparing your children to other children have a damaging effect on their morale; your child is different and unique stressing this makes him/her feel important.

You can help build up another person’s self-esteem if you notice that person has little confidence; this assistance can end up benefiting you too because you learn more about your abilities and your strengths in the process.| Social impairments such as stuttering have been attributed to a low self-esteem or low confidence; it is evident that self esteem is a trait that should not be taken for granted and should, therefore, be acquired diligently.}

The difference between an achiever and what society labels a failure is self-worth how you see yourself can influence your attitude, your job and even your is crucial then to see yourself as nothing less than an achiever.|Positive thinking is an important component of self-esteem that can influence a person positively; thinking good thoughts about yourself ultimately heightens your belief in yourself and abilities and helps you excel in all that you do.|Parents must know that kids are fragile beings with egos that can be easily dented; if you want to correct your child, you should gently explain why he/she is being punished; understanding the reason can help them accept it and stall any anger or resentment later.

The school a child goes to is very important as the teachers are the second agents of education after the parents of the child; picking a school that is goal oriented and superbly adept in relational skills is vital.|Establishing an open and honest relationship with your child will help him/her confide problems and challenges they face in school in you.

Shakespeare says that some people have greatness thrust upon them, others have to work to it; confidence is not thrust upon you, you have to work for it; it can be a gruelling task but the results make the effort worthwhile.|Teaching your children how to be independent is all part of the self-esteem process; a child who is assured that he can do anything without much supervision by the parents gradually feels confident about his/herself.|You can learn how to build your self-esteem by purchasing tapes videos, CD or DVD on self-esteem and confidences, these messages are produced for the sole purpose of helping you realize what you are capable of.

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