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  • In today’s lifestyle of human being, depression is a very familiar disorder. It is affecting every eighth man and every fourth woman. Many of us are unaware of the symptoms of depression which includes the feeling of desperation, compulsive negative thoughts, increased or decreased appetite, insomnia or an increased need for sleep, being apart socially, frequent irritation, loss of memory and low concentration, interest towards suicide and death. It is good to think that depression
  • Most of us, if not all of us have felt nervous at one time or another in our lives. Public speaking is something that makes most of us nervous. All those eyes are staring straight at us. That’s a lot of attention thrust our way. We feel the butterflies take flight, and they usually don’t land until we’re done with our speech. Aren’t we glad we’re done! Nerves and other feelings like feeling scared are
  • Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety attacks can attest that the condition can be very debilitating. Shortness of breath, palpitations, numbness, nausea, and the feeling of being trapped are all part and parcel of having an anxiety attack. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing an attack, foremost of which is identifying its cause. What causes an anxiety attack? An anxiety attack can be triggered by a number of reasons including illness, social events, or even
  • If there is something that makes you think that you might be suffering from what is generally referred to as social anxiety disorder, it is advisable that you evaluate yourself and try to identify if you are really undergoing such problem. The best way to deal with it is to find out everything that is there to know about the symptoms. But before we discuss the symptoms here, it is important to understand what anxiety
  • Why do we get stressed is a common question asked when looking for answers behind stressful moments. What a major breakthrough that would be if we could pinpoint exactly what it is that triggers these stressful bouts – but because we all differ in so many ways then trying to decipher what brings these moments to ahead can be very difficult. Stressful moments can be brought on by many happenings or mishaps. In a stressful
  • Having a baby can be very challenging for every woman, both physically and emotionally. The birth of a baby can trigger a mix of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. It is natural for many new mothers to have mood swings after delivery, feelings of laughter one minute, and moments of sadness the next. But it can also result in something one might not expect like the onset of depression. These