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Making it easy to Move on

We are a charity on a mission – transforming peoples lives with excellent mental health support and education with changes through learning.

Anxious Minds understands what’s it like to struggle with long term mental health and how you need to progress under your own pace till you’re ready to re-join the job market, all our support back into work is at your own pace. We will never force you into work or give you a time limit where you have to achieve your goals, and YOU make the choices, we’re just here to support you.

Why study a free course ?

Our courses have been proven to increase confidence and develop the skills needed to enter Higher Education and succeed with learning. You can choose a course from a wide range of subjects. Some are based on Open University course materials.

What are the advantages?

Free courses are available immediately.
Our courses do not have a start and end date. You can start right away or at a time that suits you.
You can work through at your own pace, You can spend as long as you like on a course, plus, if you sign up you can track your progress and work towards a statement of participation.

There are around 1000 courses to choose from

The courses always focus on a specific area of learning. Some focus on important and fascinating academic subjects, whilst others help you develop skills needed for study or work. You can try out what’s on offer If you’re interested in taking a course but are not sure what to study or if distance learning is right for you, then Anxious Minds lets you get a feel for what’s on offer.

That’s why all our centres become ASDAN registered Centres, you can work with our team of support workers gaining qualifications and experience while getting support for your mental well-being and at the end when you’re ready to move on you will have a whole lot of qualifications and experience to show potential employers. 

ASDAN is an awarding organisation whose curriculum programmes and qualifications help people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life. Their programmes and qualifications are delivered by over 3,000 secondary schools, special schools, colleges, alternative education providers and youth organisations across the UK and in more than 30 countries and territories overseas.

Since 1997, when ASDAN was formally established as an education charity, Their work has centred on giving all learners the opportunity and tools to discover, develop and make full use of their potential. As an organisation focused on supporting people with long term mental health issues, we have recognised the need to adapt and offer, innovate and deliver courses that are fit for the future and better serve the contemporary needs of learners and educators.

1. Life skills Challenge

A flexible way to recognise and reward small steps of achievement, with a focus on personalised learning and progression

Life skills is an online bank of challenges for learners working from pre-Entry to Level 3. This programme enables centres to meet individual needs by providing a personalised curriculum for people facing barriers to learning with Mental Health.

Challenges have been mapped to the four Preparing for Adulthood pathways and cover subject areas such as English, mathematics and PSHE.

2. Employability Skills Development

What is it?

The Employability Skills Development course takes an activity-based approach to raise learners’ awareness about employer expectations and the working environment. Developed in response to an increasing national focus on work-related learning, it will meet the needs of providers looking for a programme of activities to support learners in preparation for vocational training, for achieving an employability qualification, or for getting a job.

The Employability Skills Development resources support teaching and learning; they aim to improve learners’ knowledge and understanding of the workplace.

The Employability Skills Development book

The Employability Skills Development book contains activities designed to develop learners’ skills in 12 areas: self-management; team working; business and enterprise; customer awareness; problem solving; communication; working with numbers; IT in the workplace; applying for a job; exploring job opportunities; rights and responsibilities at work; and health and safety in the workplace.

The activities:

  • are flexible and can meet the needs of different learners
  • support personalised learning
  • can be used in a range of contexts and for various programmes of learning
  • encourage a ‘pick and mix’ approach, allowing learning opportunities to be chosen for varying time frames
  • are generic and can be adapted to suit any vocational interest

After completing an initial self-assessment, learners choose appropriate activities to develop their employability skills. At the end of the course, learners complete a self-assessment review to reflect on their progress and development.

View sample pages from the Employability Skills Development book.

Learn under your own pace being supported by our support workers.