How Stopping my Anxiety helped my Health more than any Medicine

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How Stopping my Anxiety helped my Health more than any Medicine

A warm welcome to David Gray, the Founder of  He talks about how he overcame anxiety to improve his health.

I knew things like anxiety and stress couldn’t be the best thing for my body, but I didn’t truly know how much havoc and destruction they can do to a person over time. I myself suffered quite a lot from anxiety in particular and I think it may have even been the trigger which started my health issues in the first place. I myself have a form of acid reflux called silent reflux where the acid refluxes the whole way up the esophagus and into the throat where most of the issues arise.

When I first think back to when I developed this problem it was a time in my life when I was very anxious and generally stressed out. When I first figured out that my problem was related to acid reflux I did all the steps which theoretically should help. I took medicine and followed a very strict diet, but this wasn’t helping me anywhere near enough.

Luckily for me I considered how my mental state could be affecting things and my general mentality when facing any situation in life. I myself had quite a tendency to be a nervous person and this only vastly amplified when I was faced with a tense situation. Not only that but my general mentality had become quite negative with thoughts like will I ever be back to normal health polluting my mind.

Once I came to this realization of this nervousness and anxiety I did everything in my power to try and change it for the better. Of course, some things that you get used to doing over time can be difficult to change but I feel persistence of doing the right thing is a massive step in the right direction to treating your anxiety naturally.

I myself tried a host of things. The first thing I tried was meditation which I felt really was the first building block for me to get started. It definitely offered me a piece of mind that I simply wouldn’t have had before. I tried to do meditation to start the day and also the finish the day, each for 10 minutes. I feel that it’s really a great way to start you off in the right mental state before your day really starts. It gets you in the right mindset for a more peaceful and calm mentality throughout that day.

The second thing I did and probably the most important element for me personally which was a mindset change. I was reading a book about business one day and there was a chapter in it about faith and generally believing in something. Of course, in this book it had a focus on the business side of things but of course it could be applied to literally everything in life. I myself was thinking about my health problems and the anxiety that could have caused it. The book talked about how someone who believes they can do something is much more likely to be able to do it. The same applies that if you think you can’t stop your anxiety or cure your own health problems then it probably won’t happen. That is what I personally took from this and I tried to implement it in my own life. So now I was thinking when I get better instead of the “if I get better” before. This was one very important thing for me.

The other thing which helped me was treating my anxiety. Instead of often mindlessly feeling anxious and nervous over a situation I would try and think more logically about it. Like if I had a job interview before I would get incredibly anxious about it. But now in that situation I would say to myself why am I getting nervous, I am just going to talk to other people – there is nothing to be nervous or anxious about! For me personally implementing this more logical approach when I knew I was getting anxious definitely helped me with my own anxiety.

My keeping persistent with this more logical approach along with a more general positive mindset helped lower my anxiety in a lot of different situations. Over time it became more and more easy to implement this thought process in my mind which drastically helped with lowering my anxiety and massively helped my acid reflux problem – I feel 10 times better than when I was more anxious and taking medication instead of treating my anxiety and stress. In fact, now I don’t even take the medication for my problem and I have cured it naturally by alleviating my anxiety!

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