Hobby ideas and distraction tasks

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Hobby ideas and distraction tasks

Mental health issues can sometimes become so overwhelming that you may find yourself in isolation and feeling unable to do anything enjoyable. A coping technique that is often suggested is ‘distraction tasks’. The purpose of distraction tasks is taken your mind away from the negative thoughts until you feel you are able to deal with them, as well as being able to find some happiness in your day-to-day life.

Finding your hobby

First, consider what your favourite past time is?

Hobby enthusiasts know that spare time is not to be “spent” but savoured. If you have a past time you enjoy, you will never look at your spare time in the same way again. If you’re not sure what past time hobby you would enjoy, here are some suggestions.

Many people listen to music as a favourite past time. There is much you can learn about any style of music. You can learn composers, famous melodies, and all about performers past and present. Or, you could pick up an instrument that you love the sound of and learn to play. Or it may be that you simply love to listen to music and having it on can have a positive effect on your mental health.

Animals are also a popular hobby. It could be that you would like to learn more about a species, both the different subtypes or the anatomy and behaviours. It may be you could try bird watching, this is turn will give you an education on the subject. It could be that you get a pet; although sometimes expensive to look after, if you care for an animal it can be rewarding, and can give you a sense of purpose to look after something else other than focussing on yourself, additionally it promotes you to become more active and to get out of the house more as they will need walking. Some people have therapy dogs, which are dogs that have been trained to provide affection and comfort to their owners, however, many dogs will be affectionate and loving without the training.

Become active; getting into a sport of any sort may start out as being challenging, however, once you get into it, there are many physical benefits which, in turn, may help improve your mental health. Becoming active is not restricted to games and group sports like football, or high intensity work out such as weight lifting, but can include activities such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling and many other things.

Do something artistic; doing something creative can also have benefits for your mental health. Creative tasks that you could try can include drawing, painting, building, sculpting, crafting, sewing, knitting, and many more. Artistic distraction tasks can be used as mindfulness, it can have a calming effect, and also there is a sense of achievement by being able to see something physical that you have achieved.

There are many other options too such as learning a new language, learning about history an science, photography, gardening, fishing, chess and other board games, writing, reading and so many more.

The world is full of interesting things to learn and do, and it’s just about finding what is best suited for you, which may not include anything suggested here, but keep trying and exploring things you can occupy your mind with and you may find that it is highly beneficial for your mental health. Do something that is meaningful to you and promotes happiness in your life.


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