Seeds of Change, All Year Round Always Looking For Volunteers

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Meadow Well Connected  have an integrated, diverse team that is safe, accessible and available for everyone.

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Meadow Well Connected do not run a segregated service, people with disabilities work alongside volunteers.

Our focus is on the enjoyment of different jobs and sharing hobbies and interests. We offer a range of tasks and projects for everyone to get involved in; everyone works together on their chosen projects regardless of their background, ability or experience.

We respect that everyone’s ability is different and there is a need for choice and control to enable people to develop their independence through a wide and varied range of activities. The project activities currently available are:


‘Seeds of Change’ is a project for people with additional needs who want to have meaningful experiences in a warm, friendly and supportive work environment.

To Volunteer 

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Our expertise is based round working with the uniqueness of each individual