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Counselling and Support at Anxious Minds

Anxiety can be seen as a common, yet unpleasant part of life that can affect us all in different ways. If you are suffering from anxiety, you may feel irritable, tense, nervous, uptight or wound up. Common for all these complaints is the overwhelming effect of the body producing too much adrenaline. This results in physical symptoms that can affect daily life learn more about symptoms and how to manage them at Anxious minds free support groups.

The apprehension of anxiety, which causes palpitations and shaking, creates, even more, adrenaline, resulting in a vicious circle. For some people, anxiety is a temporary state that passes when the source of stress subsides. For others, it becomes a long-term condition that affects their lives and those of their loved ones for affordable counselling visit Anxious minds.

It is normal and healthy to feel sad or worried about life and its problems and pressures. But when a worry casts a cloud over everyday life, you may be suffering from anxiety, depression or a mixture of the two. Join our community at

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