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Uninvited Guest

“Uninvited Guest” is a short poem by Vicky from Family Friend Poems that captures the depths of depression and the helplessness one may feel when consumed by mental illness. Yet, through the darkness, the writer holds onto a glimmer of hope at the end of the piece. The author explains that “anyone who has suffered from depression will understand… I urge you to fight. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.

Uninvited Guest
Feel broken down, my body aches
My heart it bleeds from past mistakes
Can’t stop the tears, they fall like rain
The words are spinning ’round my brain
So scared and feeling so alone
The coldness fills my every bone
No food, no sleep, can’t think at all
Each way I turn, another wall
This darkness haunts my very soul
My world seems dead I’ve lost control
The only weapon is my pen
Depression has moved in again

ByAnxious Minds

The Noonday Demon

“The Noonday Demon” is a book by Andrew Solomon that explores the topic of major depression, incorporating both medical research and the accounts of people whose lives have been touched by this debilitating, yet eminently treatable, disorder.

Below is a quote from the book that describes what it is like to be in the throes of a major depressive episode:

“My depression had grown on me as that vine had conquered the oak; it had been a sucking thing that had wrapped itself around me, ugly and more alive than I. It had had a life of its own that bit by bit asphyxiated all of my life out of me. At the worst stage of major depression, I had moods that I knew were not my moods: they belonged to the depression, as surely as the leaves on that tree’s high branches belonged to the vine. When I tried to think clearly about this, I felt that my mind was immured, that it couldn’t expand in any direction. I knew that the sun was rising and setting, but little of its light reached me. I felt myself sagging under what was much stronger than I; first I could not use my ankles, and then I could not control my knees, and then my waist began to break under the strain, and then my shoulders turned in, and in the end I was compacted and fetal, depleted by this thing that was crushing me without holding me.”

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ByAnxious Minds

I Don’t Grieve, I Shatter

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, feminist, activist, and spoken word poet. She is best known for her acclaimed debut book “Milk and Honey.” Each chapter in her book addresses a different pain, which revolves around themes of loss, violence, abuse, love, and femininity. Kaur’s poem explores the bitterness of feeling too much and the gravity with which each emotion weighs on her.

i don’t know what living a balanced life feels like

when i am sad

i don’t cry i pour

when i am happy

i don’t smile i glow

when i am angry

i don’t yell i burn

the good thing about feeling in extremes is

when i love i give them wings

but perhaps that isn’t

such a good thing cause

they always tend to leave

and you should see me

when my heart is broken

i don’t grieve

i shatter

-Rupi Kaur

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ByAnxious Minds

Still the Waves Come

Hits like green waves on pure beaches,
Each reoccurrence building to a fault
Attacks like a shawl of hungry leeches,
As one, swimming for the throat

Looking for a sky that cannot be,
Exposure is the only cure
Try to rid the big heavy,
Hell on earth can be no more

The thrashing in veins is obsessive
Behind the eyes is hectic
Quiet constant humming is impressive,
With pure thoughts turning septic

A calming after a wavy trance,
Taking control to find inner peace
Sandy ripples as in dance,
Still waters slow to a final release


Still the Waves Come
ByAnxious Minds

Two Halves

You may think these words are heavy
It’s hard not to be with mental illness
Most would of stopped reading by now
Some stayed just to be curious

Maybe you stayed because you can relate,
To how it felt and how it affected you
The Love, fear, happiness and hate
We’re constantly have, and are going through

Those first two verses were written when low,
God, reading it brings me down
But only to a level of understanding
All part of turning your life around

Well, you got this far, and not by chance
Seen off the mysterious voices
Freedom is a wonderful thing
Being able to make life choices

A lot of life has been wasted
Solving an impossible puzzle
Time to look past, look forward
Taking off that emotional muzzle

I don’t want to end this like I’m preaching,
But there’s one thing I’ve identified,
If you do relate, then you’re a kind, loyal,
Beautiful, passionate, creative, ambitious and caring person…
… Don’t hide!

Two Halves
ByAnxious Minds

Love in Crazy

The heart rendered like a king
Tall, stout and impressive
Evaporating all like a sponge
past, present, resoundingly obsessive

With each new wave the strings get taunt
Feeling loose, but always holds
A break can be repaired
Or just a myth, that’s been re-told

Eye connections are real
The soul gets mystified
One Love, one other heart to feel
No more can be justified

A timeless lone night lays deep
Coupling and souling a must
Or forever be left in eternal limbo
Heart and mind turning to dust

Running parallel, so very close
A touch sickly, like a vertigo ride
Hearing and speech become an echo
In and out, rhythm of the tide

Is this truth, or is it false?
Love and anguish, my mind they share
Working through, but by default
In both worlds, I must bare.

Love in Crazy