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Your First Step is Always The Hardest

I know just how difficult it is to get started on your road to recovery, so I have created some badges you can collect and display in our closed FaceBook Group or on your profile on our forum. You can also earn points and win other badges each time you visit the website or write in the forum, to keep track on just how well you’re doing and get encouragement from other members. Once you’ve achieved the goal all you need to do is copy and paste the badge and the points will be added to your profile automatically each time you visit the site.

Eat Well Badge

It’s easy when you are not feeling too good to eat fast-food or pop something in the microwave, to achieve this badge you need to eat healthy for four weeks.



Support Group Badge

Everybody knows that a problem shared is a problem halved and that it is good to talk, to win this Badge you need to attend a support group at least once a month.




Limit Alcohol Badge

When we are feeling down it’s easy to find ways to make ourselves feel better, unfortunately, alcohol is not one of them, it actually makes us feel worse and can be seriously damaging to our health. To achieve this badge we need to reduce our alcohol intake over four week period, if you are addicted to alcohol please speak to your GP before starting to reduce.



Dance Party Badge

Starting a fitness program will have a positive effect on our mental health, however that’s easier said than done when you’re feeling really down, you can win the dance party badge by starting the day with a little happy dance, get up in the morning turn the music on and have a little dance do this twice a week for a month and win this badge.




Create Badge

When we are feeling low or overwhelmed by anxiety it’s hard to stop the negative thought patterns, being creative  is a positive way of taking our mind off our negative thoughts, it can be anything that you like doing, adult colouring books, knitting, drawing or painting it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy doing it, and it works as a distraction from the negative thoughts. Do this every time you feel down or anxious for a month to achieve this award.



Clean up Badge

This is one of the hardest tasks I had to do when I was feeling down, but it had the most positive effect on me when it was complete and it made me feel so much better. Don’t try to do everything at once, do about five minutes cleaning a day for a week and before you know it your home will be clean and you will have another badge and be well on your way to recovery.



Fitness Badge

This doesn’t mean climb mountains like our little friend on the badge, this just means get active for more than 20 minutes a day for the next four weeks and you have done it, you have won another badge.



 Tea For 2 Badge

To win this badge go around to see a friend or invite one over for tea or coffee and a chat. You need to do this twice in one month if you can’t find anybody pop along to see us at Anxious Minds and I will put the kettle on.




Sparkly Clean Badge

I’m still trying to win this badge, you have to shower every day for 30 days





Walking Badge

To win this badge you will need to walk for 30 minutes, three times a week for four weeks.





Use The Pause Button Badge

When we are anxious or feeling down we can be quick to lose our temper or say something to upset others. It is important to remember that others may not understand how we feel. If you find yourself losing your temper, take a deep breath, move away and PAUSE before you speak. Try this next time it happens to win this badge.




Go Outside Badge

It is amazing how nature can change the way we feel. Find a park or a piece of grass and ground yourself by sitting under a tree. Try this once and you will win this badge.





30 Minute Mindfulness Badge

There is so much information about the benefits of mindfulness and there are lots of free mindfulness session on this website. Try it for 30 minutes once a week for the next four weeks to win this badge.




Good Night Sleep Badge

It is important to sleep well at night we need to get a least 6 – 8 hours sleep per night. Clear your bedroom of all distractions including T.V’s, radios,  mobile phone and tablets to achieve this badge.




 Daily Life Badge

When we are suffering from anxiety or stress it tends to take over our lives and it can be our main focus of the conversation. Try and go a whole day without talking about your mental health issue. Do this twice in a month to win this badge.




Visualization Badge

Visualization is an excellent tool when we are feeling anxious or finding it hard to sleep, just close your eyes and picture a special place. It can be a seaside view, favourite spot or a place you feel happy. Take a deep breath and slow your breathing down. Give this a try at least once to win this badge.




Smile Therapy Badge

Smiling makes everybody feel better and it is FREE, so let’s try this for a day. Smile at people that you meet and notice how many smile back. Smiling releases the bodies natural ‘feel-good’ hormones and can be infectious.




Find The Breath Badge

When we are anxious or stressed we tend to take shorter breaths. It is important that we practise our breathing which will calm us down and make us feel better. Try the breathing exercises at least once (on our website) to win this badge.




Unplug Badge

It is important that we learn to unplug from modern-day life and technology. Take a positive step by switching off all your electrical equipment for at least an hour every day and have some ‘self’ time. Do this once a day for a month to win this badge.




Be Grateful

Sometimes it is good to reflect on life, take time out each week to write down what you are grateful for in your life. It is good to start the following day by reading what you have written down. Do this for four weeks and win this badge.





Sometimes we just need something to focus on to get us motivated. Supporting a good cause like Anxious Minds puts us in a positive state of mind. Support your local charity by doing something you like for example, hold a coffee morning, do a sponsored run or walk, climb a hill. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you are getting involved.




Getting back into a routine will have a big positive effect on your emotional wellbeing and it is a good way of making friends. This will NOT affect your benefits if you are not yet ready to return to work. Pick one of your local charities and get in touch, by helping others you will be helping yourself.




Community Star

WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! …… Just look how far you have travelled on your journey to recovery!! If you have got this far you get this badge for nothing, as we are SO PROUD of what you have achieved and if you would like to call into one of our centre’s we will be happy to give you a certificate. Congratulations on getting this far on your recovery, you are a STAR! Display this badge with PRIDE