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Talk to our Counsellors

If you are supporting somebody with mental health issues or struggling to cope and feeling down come along to one of our drop-in centre's, have a cup of tea and talk to one of our trained counsellors and get some advice and support.

Make Friends

Loneliness and isolation has a negative effect on all our well-being, so it's very important to talk to people, have a laugh, make friends and be part of the community, Make that first step and come along to any of our centres and we will put the kettle on and say hello.

Support to Move On

Sometimes we get stuck in life and find it hard to move on. Anxious Minds can help you make them first steps by providing volunteer placements and back to work support as well as support with your mental well-being moving on has never been easier.

Workshops & Training

We offer all types of CPD and Training, aimed at anyone supporting people with Mental Health here in the North East. We will also be offering classes and workshops to help you look after your own well-being.

A Safe Space to Relax

Anxious Minds has the pleasure to be able to hold a free weekly Relax & Talk Group to inspire people who are struggling with Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness to open up a talk and support each other

Young People

We will also be running a workshop for young people based on looking after your own well-being for age 14 + covering subjects like self-esteem, confidence building, dealing with anxiety and depression..

We Have Our Own Radio Station!

Supporting the mental health community of the UK with support, advice , chat shows and some great music, giving people a voice and an opportunity to talk openly about mental health issues

Fighting For Better Mental Health in The North East

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